Imyambaro iteye isoni niyo yaranze igitaramo cya Victoria Secret Fashion – AMAFOTO

Imyambaro iteye isoni niyo yaranze igitaramo cya Victoria Secret Fashion – AMAFOTO

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Mu ijoro ryo kuwa gatatu mu Bufaransa haraye habereye igitaramo cy’abanyamideli kizwi nka Victoria Secret Fashion kibera mu mujyi wa Paris, aho nyuma yaho bataramiwe n’ abahanzi batatu aribo Lady Gaga, The Weeknd na Bruno Mars.

Iki gitaramo cyo ku murika imideli cyari gihuriwemo n’ ibyamamare byinshi bitandukanye bizwi cyane mu kumurika imideli.

Bamwe mu banyamideli bakomeye bari bitabiriye iki gitaramo harimo Irina Shayk wahoze ari umukunzi wa Cristiano hakazamo Kendall Jenner, Allesandra Ambrossio, Gigi  na Bella.

Amafoto yaranze iki gitaramo cya Victoria Secret Fashion 

What a line-up: Models including Kendall Jenner, Izabel Goulart and Barbara Fialho celebrate at the end of the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowAbanyamideli bari bitabiriye ku bwinshi

Party time: The ladies were all seriously letting their hair down as the show was a huge success Habanje imyiyerekano y’ abanyamideli bose

These wings aren't meant to fly: Veteran Angel Alessandra wore golden leaves on a giant frame as she made her grand entranceWow thing: She looked incredible from every angle as she tottered along in her red heelsGiving Joseph a run for his money: Gigi slayed the technicolour look as she changed into red lingerieCute: A beaded belly chain highlighted her tiny waist as she posed for yet more snaps A little wave: Gigi looked picture perfect as she said hi to the crowd alongside Lily DonaldsonStill pining? She gave him a lingering stare as she walked past himThe Weeknd umwe mu bahanzi bataramiye abantu bitabiriye iki gitaramo, aha yarari ku rubyiniro arimo kuririmbira abakobwa biyerekanaga bamurika imideli imbere.

She looked as though she was trying to put him from her mind as she continued the walk to the end of the runwayStunning: She perfected her steely expression as a host of photographers went wild for her lookThis one's for you: She blew kisses to the crowd as she showed how confident she has becomeHey there: The girls joined up to give their fans a cute wave as glitter ribbons trailed down past themThere she goes again: She was easy to spot amongst the sea of famous faces Nice one: She rested her arms behind her head as she posed up a stormAll eyes on her: She was the star attraction on the day as she beamed from ear to earAll new: She changed into a new lingerie set in a similar colour and walked in very racy red statement bootse They did it! Adriana led the parade of models at the end of the showRound of applause: The models all cheered each other on as the show went down a stormPause for effect: Cindy stole the show with her endless legs and sassy attitude as she strutted her stuff All the embellishments: Californian model Jasmine Tookes showcased a $2.4million emerald and diamond bra, weighing more than 450 carats, as the annual showstopping jewelled pieceEmerald: The beauty modelled a host of diamonds in the ultimate piece of lingerie which comes with a hefty price tagWhy stick to one look? The model changed into a stunning ensemble as she worked her magic once againBaby news! Irina Shayk covered her tummy with a red tassled cape as E! News claim she is pregnant with her first child with Bradley Cooper- although this is not confirmed Pout of control: Irina smouldered as she covered up once again in her sexy mac as she made sure all eyes were on herCheeky! She looked back at cameras seductively as she headed back for another change Stars of the show: The ladies were a stellar line-up as the enjoyed the finaleWho could blame them? They all headed out for burgers after weeks of maintaining a super healthy diet Subtle: Delicate swathes of chiffon circled her body as she captured the attentionAll together now: The group were all musically minded as they swapped their strut for a danceKisses: Jourdana Phillips stood out with her funky bleached pixie crop as she puckered upLovely in lace: Georgia Fowler looked sassy in her skimpy lace one-piece and Mary Jane heels (left) while Ming Xi mixed her lace with vinyl (right)Charlie's Angels: Ming Xi added a playful element to her poseHer big moment: Romee looked incredible as she worked her magic in this incredibly sexy ensemble on the star-studded catwalkReady to play ball: Alanna Arrington sported an impressive overhaul of the gym kit as she sported a playful expressionSporty sensation: Luma Grothe covered up in her kooky get-up which involved branded tube socks and ribbon heels Pretty in pink: Lais Oliveira walks the runway wearing a similarly kooky lookHip hip hooray! Models pose backstage during the Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowAll stars: Bruno Mars and The Weeknd couldn't believe their look as they were surrounded by models Mu bahanzi biyerekanye ntago ari The Weeknd gusa kuko na Bruno Mars ari mu bahanzi bataramiye abakunzi babo, kuko yasanze uyu musore ku rubyiniro babanza kubyinana n’ abanyamideli bari bari kwiyerekana muri ako kanya.

When I Was Your Man: Bruno Mars was also one of the A-list performers on the nightBruno Mars wataramiye abakunzi be yabanje kubaririmbira indirimbo ye yakunzwe cyane ya When I was  your man.

Changing the tone: She also wore a red rose ballgown as she sang a more sombre numberNyuma ya Bruno Mars hakurikiyeho Lady Gaga nawe aririmbira abakunzi be.

Dressed in pink light: A general view of the exterior of the Grand Palais in Paris where the magical Fashion Show took placeIyi niyo nyubako yabereyemo iki gitaramo

Getting it done: The preparation room was a mammoth task, with the models being prepped for one of the biggest shows of the year Mu cyumba biteguriramo bisiga mbere yo kujya kwiyerekana mu myambaro mishya ku rutambukiro (Cat Walk).


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