Mu mafoto irebere ibihe bidasanzwe byaranze ijoro rya nyuma rya 2016

Mu mafoto irebere ibihe bidasanzwe byaranze ijoro rya nyuma rya 2016

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Hirya no hino ku isi mu mugoroba wo kuri uyu wa gatandatu tariki ya 31 Ukuboza 2016, abantu benshi bagize ibihe bidasanzwe bizihiza ijoro rya nyuma ry’umwaka wa 2016 banitegura kujya mu mwaka wa 2017

Fireworks explode around The Elizabeth Tower, also known as 'Big Ben', and the London Eye during New Year's celebrations in central London just after midnight on January 1, 2017

Abantu benshi bo mu mpande z’isi bishima bitandukanye, hari abajya gusenga, kunywa kamwe, kubyina, kwishimana n’imiryango yabo, hari n’abajya mu buriri bakiryamira bitewe n’uburyo umuntu yiyumvamo.


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Muri iri joro, ku isi hakunze kugaragara umubare munini w’abasinzi baba buzuye hirya no hino mu mihanda, mu tubari, no mu tubyiniro

Aya ni amwe mu mafoto agaragaza uko byari byifashe mu ijoro ryo kuri uyu wa gatandatu ryasozaga umwaka wa 2016


A tattooed man in a white T shirt bats off a woman in King Street, in Manchester, as the celebrations turned violent 

A girl in a red dress in Nottingham reveals more than she intended during the raucous celebrations across the country

One man was seen lying in a heap of rubbish bags with filthy trousers in London during the booze-fuelled celebrations

The heavy rain and strong winds did not deter this reveller in Newcastle

A man and woman brawl outside a fast food restaurant in Nottingham as the New Year celebrations turned ugly 

The woman landed a blow in the man's face as he tried to escape her clutches during the booze-fuelled evening yesterday

A man in Bristol stands against a lamppost as some celebrated the New Year with a little too much gusto 

The same man is helped by his friend after a heavy night drinking in Bristol to usher in the beginning of 2017 

Revellers wore their party outfits despite the torrential downpours in Newcastle last night

Revellers wore their party outfits despite the torrential downpours in Newcastle last night

A woman wards off the advances of a man, while trying to protect her hair from the rain in Newcastle

A man comes to the aid of a blonde woman slumped on the ground in Newcastle as Britons welcomed in the New Year

A reveller gives a helping hand to a female companion during the wild New Year celebrations in central London

A party-goer flashes her breast in Sheffield as millions of Britons brought in the New Year by drinking to excess

A couple cuddle in Leeds as a younger group make their way down the road as Britons ushered in 2017 

A friend is comforted by two companions at the end of the night in Sheffield as Britons brought in 2017 in typical fashion

A party-goer in Bristol takes an early nap after a heavy night celebrating the beginning of 2017 in the city 

A woman attends to her friend in Sheffield as the drunken celebrations left many worse for wear 

Two women used plastic bags to protect their hair as they headed for a night on the town in Swansea

A woman in Birmingham heads out in a mini skirt despite the chilly conditions and heavy downpours 

A woman gave her friend a welcome break from her high heels by offering her a piggy back in Birmingham 

A woman in a sparkly dress tucks into her takeaway meal at the end of the boozy evening in Birmingham 

Two men were seen lying slumped on the ground in Albert Embankment, central London, as the excitement proved too much

A couple share a New Year's kiss

A couple share a New Year's kiss

A girl walks barefoot through the streets of Bristol after bringing in the New Year in the West Country 

A girl is comforted by a male companion after leaving a nightclub in Sheffield, where bottles of booze were seen on the street

A woman is helped to her feet by two male friends after crashing to the ground during the New Year party in Birmingham

A woman sits on the pavement to check her phone after braving the blustery conditions in Newcastle last night

A girl chats on the phone as she takes some time out from the New Year's Eve celebrations in Newcastle last night

Three women shield their hair during a rain-soaked New Year's Eve celebrations in Newcastle 

A man helps an intoxicated reveller in central London as millions of Britons celebrated the end of 2016 

Two men come to blows in the heavy rain in Manchester as a distressed woman tries to break them apart 

Aba bo bagize ijoro rya nyuma ridasanzwe aho barirangije baterana ibipfunsi.


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