Umukino wa ruhago ku isi  ni umwe mu mikino ikomeye ndetse ikunzwe cyane na benshi kuko usanga abayikina barabaye abakire bo ku rwego rwo hejuru.

Ntago ari amakipe yose akize kuko ayo ku mugabane wa Africa ntago wayagereranya nayo ku mugabane w’iburayi ushyize ku ijanisha ry’amafaranga binjiza.

Iburayi usanga ikipe zifite ibibuga byazo, wareba imitungo muri rusange ukabona ko ifatika ndetse si ibyo gusa kuko abakinnyi n’abatoza nabo usanga bihagazeho cyane.

Abakire bakomeye hanze usanga bashora imigabane yabo mu makipe, ndetse n’amashyirahamwe akomeye ugasanga atera inkunga amakipe kugirango barusheho kwamamaza ibikorwa byabo cyane.

Muri rusange aya ni amakipe 10 akize cyane ku isi kurusha ayandi

10.Juventus — £255.1 million

10. Juventus — £255.1 million. Italy's biggest club was helped by a continued sponsorship deal with Jeep, which saw over 1.5 million shirt sales last season, according to The Mirror.

9.Liverpool — £302 million

9. Liverpool — £302 million. Jurgen Klopp's side secured ninth place for the 3rd year running, despite a continued lack of Champions League football. Their revenues are set to increase next year as Anfield returns to full capacity post-renovation.

8.Chelsea — £334.6 million

8. Chelsea — £334.6 million. Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich, is one of the wealthiest men in Russia — worth an estimated £5.8 billion. His vast riches have inevitably trickled down and Chelsea is rarely out of the top 5 in Deloitte's rankings. Perhaps next year will see a return for the London giants as Stanford Bridge is expanded.

7.Arsenal — £350.4 million

7. Arsenal — £350.4 million. Matchday revenues keep Arsenal in the top 10 and no wonder — a season ticket to watch Wenger's side is the most expensive in Britain at £1014.

6.Paris St-Germain — £389.6 million

6. Paris St-Germain — £389.6 million. This is the first time PSG have dropped out of the Money League top 5 since they were famously bought up by Qatar Sports Investments for €120 million in 2011. Superstar striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was sold to Manchester United last year, they've dropped two places in Deloitte's rankings since.

5.Manchester City — £392.6 million

5. Manchester City — £392.6 million. This is the first time Manchester City have breached the Money League top 5. Abu Dhabi-owned City had their best ever Champions League run last season after they lost out to eventual winners, Real Madrid, in the semi-finals.

4.Bayern Munich — £442.7 million

4. Bayern Munich — £442.7 million. Bayern charted a monumental 25% increase in income over the last season after they won their 25th Bundesliga title and DFB-Pokal Final.

3.Real Madrid — £463.8 million

3. Real Madrid — £463.8 million. Winning the Champions League and a steady annual revenue gain of 7% wasn't enough to keep Los Blancos on top for the 12th year running.

2.Barcelona — £463.8 million

Urutonde rw’amakipe 10 akize cyane ku isi

1.Manchester United — £515.3 million

1. Manchester United — Manchester United £515.3 million. The 'Red Devils' have never been far from the top three — briefly toppling out during their 2012/13 season under David Moyes — but this is the first time they've hit top spot in over a decade. The club benefited financially from huge sponsorship deals with Chevrolet and Adidas and a return to the Champions League.