Uko bukeye uko bwije, inganda zitandukanye zigenda zikora imodoka zikomeye ndetse zihenze k’uburyo kugirango umuntu ayigure bimusaba kuba afite amafaranga menshi cyane.

Izi modoka zihenze akenshi usanga bazikodesha mu birori bikomeye nk’ubukwe n’ibindi byinshi cyangwa se bamwe bakazikodesha kugira  ngo bazitemberemo bisanzwe.

Nkuko bisanzwe, imodoka zo mu bwoko bwa Limousine zirahenda cyane k’uburyo usanga zifitwe n’abantu mbarwa ku isi.

Urubuga Dailymail rwagaragaje imodoka za Limousine zihenze cyane ku isi, harimo nizo baburiye ibiciro.

Uru n’urutonde rw’imodoka za Limousine zihenze cyane ku isi kurusha izindi

The Sultan of Brunei’s Custom Rolls Royce – $14million 
The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, lays claim to one of the world's biggest collection of cars and one of his more unusual specimens is a custom Rolls Royce Silver Spur limousineEl Dorado Cadillac limo – Nta giciro yahawe

A 1982 sky-blue El Dorado Cadillac underwent some major stretching. A team of engineers went about converting the car into an 18-wheel pleasure palace complete with two colour televisions, three telephones, a videotape recorder, sun deck and spa

The Beast – $3million

The Beast, commissioned in 2009 to carry the U.S. president, is deemed the world's classiest tank, with eight-inch-thick doors and a fuel tank coated with armour plating 

Ultra Kustom Coach – $1.8million 

This limousine, built by Ultra Kustom Coach, cost a cool $1.8million, with it engineered to seat 38 people and bend in the middle for cornering

Tank limo – Kuyigendamo n’ibihumbi $5,000 ku munsi

UK-based company Tanks-a-lot has a limo tank for rent, priced at around $5,000 a day. The armoured vehicle is apparently popular with wedding and birthday parties, with revellers keen to make a grand entrance

Batmobile – $4.2million

Going to great lengths: Taking their love for Batman and Robin one mile further, one movie enthusiast went about building a Batmobile limousine

The Midnight Rider – $2.5million

The Midnight Rider is officially the world's heaviest limo according to the 2011 Guinness Book of Records and could also be the biggest

Mini limo – $1.35million

A not so miniature stretch Mini Cooper was reportedly ordered by a celebrity from Kazakhstan. The vehicle - priced at around $1.35million - was decked out with televisions and lots of bling

The American Dream – $4million

The American Dream (seen at the back) is the creation of car collector and designer Jay Ohrberg. The white supercar, adorned with patriotic flags, is tipped to be the world’s longest limo, stretching for 100ft, and has 26 wheels

Rolls Royce Phantom limo – $770,000

Much sought-after by stars and celebrities, the Rolls Royce Phantom limousine is a staple on the events scene

Jet limo – $1million

One aviation enthusiast went about converting a Mercedes bus into a limousine with a Boeing 727 shell. The 53-foot-long vehicle has capacity for 50 people with in-flight features including a TV and full bar