Ku mugoroba wo kuri uyu wa Gatatu tariki ya 14 Gashyantare 2018, umukino ikipe ya Real Madrid yatsinzemo ikipe ya Paris Saint Germain (PSG) mu mikino y’irushanwa ry’amakipe yabaye aya mbere iwayo ku mugabane w’u Burayi, “UEFA Champions League.”

The jubilant Portugal international makes a beeline for the crowd before jumping in celebration after his 83rd-minute goal
Cristiano yatsinze igitego ahita yinaga mu bicu

Uyu wari umukino uhanzwe amaso n’imbaga nyamwinshi, ukaba warangiye ikipe ya Real Madrid ibifashijwemo na Cristiano Ronaldo ibashije gutsinda ikipe ya PSG ibitego bitatu kuri kimwe(3-1).

Ikipe ya PSG niyo yafunguye amazamu ibifashijwemo Adrien Rabiot watsinze igitego ku munota wa 33, Igice cya mbere kigiye kurangira Real Madrid yakorewe ikosa maze bayiha penariti, rutahizamu Ronaldo ahita ayitsinda, amakipe yombi ajya kuruhuka anganya kimwe kuri kimwe.

Mu gice cya kabiri, Real Madrid yakomeje kotsa igitutu PSG biza kuyihesha ibitego bibiri byatsinzwe C. Ronaldo ku munota wa 83 na Marcelo ku munota wa 86.

Nyuma y'umukino, Neymar na Cristiano bagiye baganira
Nyuma y’umukino, Neymar na Cristiano bagiye baganira
Neymar na Cristiano nibo bari bahanzwe amaso cyane muri uyu mukino
Neymar na Cristiano nibo bari bahanzwe amaso cyane muri uyu mukino
Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos applaud fans at the Bernabeu after the Champions League match
Real Madrid yitwaye neza imbere y’abafana bayo

Marcelo then got in on the act just three minutes later, smashing home from another Asensio cross to seal the win

Marcelo makes his way forward before hammering a low cross across the face of goal, but nothing comes of it
Marcelo nawe yatsinze igitego muri uyu mukino

Ronaldo was on hand late on in the penalty area when Marco Asensio's cross was palmed into his path

Welshman Gareth Bale is brought on in place of Karim Benzema as Zidane attempts to add some pace to his attack

Neymar checks on referee Gianluca Rocchi after the Brazilian accidentally drilled the ball into his ear
Neymar yashose umupira ku musifuzi, ahita ajya kumusaba imbabazi

The Madrid superstar punches the air and picks up the ball as he gets his side back on terms in the Spanish capital

But Ronaldo offered his side a lifeline when he rattled the back of the net with this penalty, which caused controversy 
Ronaldo yahawe Penariti, ahita ayitsinda

Mbappe joins the celebrations after the Parisians earn what could be a crucial away goal in the first half in Madrid

But it was Rabiot who broke the deadlock after a sharp burst and expert ball into the box by Kylian Mbappe

Areola's head snaps back owing to the sheer force with which Ronaldo struck his shot, but managed to keep it out

Ronaldo steps up to take a free-kick in a dangerous area but is unable to get it up and down in time to shoot on target

Neymar is shown a yellow card after a poor challenge on Madrid defender Nacho in the opening exchanges
Neymar yahawe ikarita y’umuhondo

Neymar and Ronaldo, two bona fide superstars of the game, embrace ahead of the last-16 clash at the Bernabeu

Then Marcelo added an all-important third goal in the 86th minute to give Zinedine Zidane's side a crucial two-goal cushion

The Portuguese celebrates the goal just before half-time which put his side back on terms with the Ligue 1 giants
Cristiano Ronaldo yafashije bikomeye ikipe ya Real Madrid

But fellow youngster Giovani Lo Celso then handed the initiative straight back to Los Blancos when he gave away a penalty

Adrien Rabiot netted the game's opener in the first half after Paris Saint-Germain broke rapidly down the right

Cristiano Ronaldo's double helped Real Madrid come from behind to earn a crucial 3-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain

A dejected Marquinhos, the PSG captain, also makes sure his fans know their work was appreciated at the Bernabeu
Kapiteni wa PSG, Marquinhos yahekenye amenyo nyuma y’umukino
Neymar, however, headed straight down the tunnel after not having the best of nights in the Spanish capital
Neymar nubwo atatsinze, yari yazonze abakinnyi ba Real Madrid